Preventing Forced Labor in Medical Supply Chains

The Responsible Glove Alliance (RGA) is a collaborative initiative established to prevent, identify and remediate conditions which contribute to forced labor in the medical supplies industry. Members apply extensive due diligence practices within their supply chains and recruitment channels to reduce the risk of forced labor at all stages of recruitment and employment.

Our Vision: A medical supplies supply chain where the rights and dignity of workers vulnerable to forced labor in global supply chains are consistently respected and promoted through responsible recruitment and employment practices.


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Due Diligence and Continuous Improvement Practices

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Rubber Glove Production

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rubber glove holding globe centered on asia

Global demand for rubber gloves surged
during the Covid-19 pandemic. Rubber
gloves continue to be essential in many
contexts to protect our health: from
medical use, to food preparation, to use
in cleanrooms during manufacturing.

airplane flying over borders

Many workers in the rubber glove
industry are foreign migrant workers who
cross borders for work – this makes
them vulnerable to exploitation.

Illustration showing malasia location

Malaysia provides approximately 65% of
the world’s rubber gloves. The RGA
works to improve conditions for
vulnerable workers in Malaysia and

Map showing workers from other countries

Many workers in the Malaysian rubber
glove industry are migrants from other
countries, who are vulnerable to

Lines showing direction of migration
Illustrated hands showing protection of workers

The RGA aims to protect industry workers
and reduce the risk of forced labor.

Become a Member of the RGA

Membership of the RGA is open to:

  • All rubber glove manufacturers, and
  • All companies globally that purchase rubber gloves.

RGA membership provides members with tools and programming to: conduct due diligence at the employment site and with recruitment partners; promote responsible recruitment of migrant workers; incorporate worker engagement; and deliver remedy.

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